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Your Trusted Vacation Rental Management Partner

Our Services

Your trusted vacation rental management partner


Revenue Management

Give your home the competitive edge with dynamic pricing and rates optimized daily by your dedicated pricing manager



Target, attract & book qualified guests with photography, email marketing, and optimized listings on Airbnb, VRBO, Booking, and Google Vacation Rentals


Reliable Property Maintenance

Keep your home running smoothly around the clock with a fast, reliable maintenance team



Make the perfect first impression with wall-to-wall cleanings before guests arrive



Know your property is guest-ready is top-to-bottom inspections after every booking


Direct Bookings

Earn more year after year as guests book their stay directly on our website


Guest Screenings

Book only the most qualified guests 25 and over who’ll enjoy your home the right way


Local Team Support

Know that you have a friendly, accessible team right up the road to handle any property needs


Guest Damage Coverage

Save more when you let us cover accidental guest damage coverage up to $3k


Transparent Finances

Booking payouts get paid directly to you for full financial transparency. We never handle your money.


Smart Home Management

We manage your digital locks & noise monitoring tech in your home


Owner Portal

Stay in the loop on your property with our easy-to-use owner portal that lets you check everything from your calendar to your financial booking data.


Unlimited Owner Use

Block off your vacation days with ease, and enjoy your home as often as you want


Automated Touchpoints

Give guests a seamless experience with automated touchpoints from booking to checkout


Fast 24/7 Guest Communication

Make every guest feel cared for with industry best response times of 1-15 minutes day and night


Fast Listings

Get your home fully listed and ready for guests in as little as 3 days

Professional Photography

Your property images are the doorway that a traveller walks through to become your guest. Because travellers see and process images much faster than words, the images of your property have the power to immediately draw a traveller in or to push them to the next property on the list. Hiring a professional photographer that specializes in photographing vacation rental properties is one of the best ways to get more interest, and ultimately bookings, for your vacation rental.

Listing Creation and Optimization

Checkmate Rentals will optimize your listings to appear as high as possible on Airbnb, VRBO, Booking, and Google Vacation Rentals search results, getting you the most views and the most revenue possible for your property.  We study the ever-changing art of Short Term Rental SEO and focus on getting your listings booked with high occupancy rates.

Dynamic Pricing Calculations

Checkmate Rentals implements a cutting-edge dynamic pricing strategy, ensuring your property's rates are optimized for maximum revenue. Our dedicated pricing manager closely monitors market trends and demand, adjusting prices daily to capitalize on changing conditions. Leveraging advanced tools and custom algorithms, each property’s pricing strategy is uniquely tailored, responding to seasonal shifts and local events. This meticulous approach typically results in a significant revenue increase for our hosts, often between 10 to 30%. Our dynamic pricing model is a blend of data-driven precision and market savvy, designed to maximize your rental income and investment potential.

24/7 Guest Communication

At Checkmate Rentals, we prioritize exceptional guest experiences through our 24/7 guest communication service. Understanding the importance of timely responses, our team is committed to addressing guest inquiries and concerns with an industry-leading response time of just 5 to 15 minutes. We blend automated messaging for efficiency with personalized interactions to ensure each guest feels uniquely attended to. Our dedicated communication channels, including a group chat for hosts, provide seamless and direct access to our support team at any time. This around-the-clock communication approach not only enhances guest satisfaction but also contributes significantly to higher ratings and a more successful rental experience for our hosts.

Check In/Check Out Assistance for Guests

Checkmate Rentals takes pride in offering comprehensive check-in and check-out assistance to every guest on behalf of our hosts. From the moment a guest arrives, they are greeted with a streamlined, hassle-free check-in process, ensuring a warm and welcoming start to their stay. Our team is on hand to provide detailed instructions, answer any queries, and assist with any immediate needs, setting the tone for a comfortable and enjoyable experience. As guests conclude their stay, our efficient check-out procedures are designed to be convenient and clear, facilitating a smooth departure while also ensuring the property is well-cared for post-stay. This attentive approach to both check-in and check-out not only elevates the guest experience but also reflects our commitment to maintaining the highest standards of guest satisfaction and property care.

Coordination of Laundry Services and All Cleaning Services (CDC Compliant)

Checkmate Rentals excels in the meticulous coordination of cleaning and laundry services, ensuring each property is impeccably maintained for every guest. Our commitment to outstanding cleanliness and hygiene is evident in our selection of trusted, professional cleaning teams who adhere to the highest standards. We meticulously schedule cleanings to seamlessly align with guest check-ins and check-outs, ensuring no detail is overlooked. The laundry services we coordinate are equally thorough, guaranteeing fresh, high-quality linens and towels for each new arrival. This rigorous approach to cleanliness not only enhances guest comfort and satisfaction but also upholds the pristine condition of each property, reflecting our dedication to excellence in every aspect of property management.

Handle Calendar/Booking Notifications

At Checkmate Rentals, efficient and proactive calendar management is a cornerstone of our service, ensuring that each property's booking schedule is optimized for maximum occupancy and revenue. We expertly handle all aspects of calendar coordination, from timely updating of availability to strategically blocking dates for maintenance or owner use. Our team works diligently to prevent double bookings and scheduling conflicts, maintaining a seamless flow of reservations.

Marketing Your Short Term Rental property

Important details

  • Major booking Platforms: Properties listed on Airbnb, VRBO,, and Google Vacation Rentals
  • Super Host Status: We aim to get you top statuses like Superhost on Airbnb and Premier Host on VRBO for increased visibility and trust
  • Optimized Listings: We regularly updates of photos, descriptions, and all other SEO factors to rank your property as high as possible
  • Customized Marketing Strategy: We create a personalized strategy for your property as every market and property has different needs

STR Insurance Options

Important details

  • Three Insurance Tiers: Coverage includes Airbnb and VRBO policies, accidental damage coverage, and tailored homeowners insurance for STR
  • Limitations of Platform Policies: Airbnb and VRBO policies may have lower payout rates and often favor guests, impacting host compensation
  • Accidental Damage Coverage: Partnered insurance offering a 97% payout rate, without requiring guest involvement, enhancing host satisfaction
  • Homeowners Insurance for STR: Customized quotes for significant claims, providing comprehensive protection for your short-term rental properties
  • Improved Guest Reviews: Guests leave many more 5 star reviews when the platforms don't go after them for more money due to damages they caused

Checkmate Rentals Flexible Contract Options

Important details

  • Cost Effective Management: We provide one of the most comprehensive full service management solutions at unbeatable prices. As low as 15% of the nightly rate
  • Only Charge On Nightly Rate: Most companies take their commission on Gross revenue. We only charge on the nightly rate which means way more money in your pocket
  • Month-to-Month Options: Provides a risk-free option for hosts who may have been burned in the past by long-term contracts. Only 19% of nightly rate
  • Customized Terms & Commissions: We can provide custom offerings to hosts or companies who have multiple properties or unique term requirements
  • Discounted Year-Long Contracts: Offers cost savings for hosts ready to commit to a longer-term partnership

24/7 Guest & Host Communication

Important details

  • Building Personal Relationships: Why we prioritize a close connection with our clients
  • Industry-Leading Response Times: Responding to guest inquiries within 5-15 minutes
  • Round-the-Clock Support: Checkmate Rentals provides 24/7 communication services for both hosts and guests
  • Multiple Communication Channels: Includes a dedicated group chat for hosts, providing direct and instant access to the Checkmate team. Also direct phone access to Chad, Garrett, and Bryan
  • 5 Star Guest Satisfaction: We have 5.0 average star rating on reviews from guests in the communication category

Dynamic Pricing & Revenue Optimization

Important details

  • Specialized Pricing Management: Dedicated pricing manager at Checkmate Rentals focuses on optimizing your property's pricing daily
  • Dynamic Pricing Strategy: Utilizes advanced tools and custom algorithms to ensure competitive pricing based on your properties market trends and demand
  • Maximized Rental Revenue: Proven strategies to boost rental income, with hosts typically earning 10 to 30% more revenue
  • Continuous Market Analysis: Regular analysis of market conditions and events to adjust pricing dynamically and maximize earnings
  • Tailored Revenue Approaches: Pricing and revenue optimization strategies customized to each property's unique characteristics and local market conditions
Big Full Service PM Companies
Service Level Full Service and Partial Service Offerings Full Service Partial Service Partial Service
Dedicated Local Teams
Multi-Platform Listings
Guest Communication Response Time 5 - 15 Minutes 30 min - 1hr 30 min - 1hr Variable
Guest Communication Hours 24/7 24/7 Pre and Post stay communication only Variable
Host Communication Experience Personal Relationship Call Centers, Chat Bots Call Centers, Chat Bots Personal Relationship
Guest Insurance

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