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Labor Day Weekend 2022: 10 Places to Avoid the Crowd

If you’ve been contemplating a Labor Day Weekend 2022 getaway, now is the time to set your plans. After all, the three-day weekend is just a few weeks away. And whether you want to jet off to a new destination, hit the road for an awe-inspiring adventure in the great outdoors, or plan a coastal escape farther afield, there are plenty of exciting end-of-summer trips to see!

Labor Day Weekend 2022_10 Perfect Places To Avoid The Crowd

Below, you’ll find recommendations for less-visited weekend getaways across the country—the solution to avoiding the Labor Day weekend crowds on short notice.

Those living in Chicago should consider hitting the beach, while Southerners want to look inland. New Yorkers can count on the North Fork, and Floridians heading down the Keys don’t have to go to the end. National parks, oceanfront views, and historic districts are all on the menu.

Here’s the list of Labor Day weekend 2022 Getaways to consider.

1. Blakeslee, Pennsylvania

Take advantage of the warm weather and long hours of daylight while they last. Treat yourself to an end-of-summer vacation in the Pocono Mountains! The region is only a few hours drive away from big Northeastern US cities like New York and Philadelphia. Whether you’re looking for exciting Labor Day events, fresh-air adventure, or charming small-town strolls, the city got tons of regional itinerary suggestions to help you have a great Labor Day weekend in the Poconos.

The Pocono region encompasses 2,400 square miles and four counties in Pennsylvania, which means there’s a lot to see and do!

Recommended Place to Stay 


2. Eldred, New York

No matter what season you choose to visit, the beauty and tranquility of nature are truly Eldred New York’s amenity. The City offers several outdoor activities and options to fulfill your every Catskills vacation desire. Pamper your mind and body in a pool or hot tub after a memorable outdoor adventure. Enjoy a day filled with sun and pristine waters by paddling on Sunrise Lake. Become one with nature while hiking the 600 acres of dense forests. Cast a line or discover new species of birds… you may choose whichever your heart desires.

Recommended Place to Stay 

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3. Houston, Texas

What better way to relax this weekend than with some tasty, locally-made craft beers? Houston has a ton of great craft breweries, many of which are offering beer to-go right now. You can also hang out at outdoor beer gardens and socially distance at many of these breweries.

Recommended Place to Stay 

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4. Riverwalk, Myrtle Beach

Step Back in Time. One of the oldest towns in South Carolina, Riverwalk has all the charm and grace of a historic Southern community. Oak tree-lined streets run through the picturesque historic district, inviting visitors to stay and learn more. The Conway Riverwalk, set along the beautiful Waccamaw River, offers visitors a tour of the downtown area that is beautiful in all four seasons.

Recommended Place to Stay 

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5. Norman, Oklahoma

As the third-largest city in Oklahoma, Norman has a little something for everyone to enjoy. Aside from touring the University of Oklahoma or the Gaylord Family-Oklahoma Memorial Stadium, there are numerous things to do in Norman, Oklahoma.

Let’s talk about outdoor activities.

Did you know?

There are 55 parks in and around Norman. Whether you’re looking to relax, enjoy the scenery, or get some exercise, you’ll find Norman’s parks a great place to spend labor day weekends and get some fresh air.

Recommended Place to Stay 

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6. North Las Vegas, Nevada

North Las Vegas is rather dwarfed by the fact that it is located next to gambling powerhouse Las Vegas proper, and with that in mind, many people miss the chance to come here.

This is a shame, as locals will tell you that North Las Vegas is less crowded but still as entertaining as its famous neighbor.

If you are traveling with youngsters, North Las Vegas is more family-friendly than the Las Vegas Strip. 

City View Park is one of the best-loved family-friendly parks in North Las Vegas and is known for its picturesque waterfall and stream that bisects the landscape.

If you fancy a bite to eat when you are here, you’ll find barbecue pits, picnic spots, and grassy knolls that are perfect if you want to relax in the Nevada sun.

Recommended Place to Stay 

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7. San Antonio, Texas

San Antonio invites you to be inspired… be curious… and… be hungry… 

Walk, bike, hike, and play through spectacular Riverwalk parks, gardens, and outdoor spaces. Experience our historical significance through San Antonio Missions National Historical Park, City’s crowning jewel. Shop, drink, and dine at local favorites across our diverse neighborhoods. 

Relax. Unwind. And experience wonders at luxury spas across San Antonio. Make time for yourself to tap into serenity and choose from various services at spas across town.

Recommended Place to Stay 

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8. Scottsdale, Arizona

Scottsdale may be known as the finest destination in the world for golf, but its wealth of tourist attractions indicates it has much more to offer. Whether you’re into history, vehicles, nature, animals, or just good old-fashioned adventure, you’re sure to find something in this city that suits you.

Recommended Place to Stay 

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9. St Petersburg, Florida

Along with beautiful, award-winning beaches, St. Petersburg is home to the world-renowned Salvador Dali Museum, top-rated restaurants, and beautiful Fort De Soto Park. The waterfront escape is a perfect family getaway with so many things to do!

The gleaming new 26-acre St. Pete Pier combines the peaceful blue waters of Tampa Bay with the vibrant greenery of downtown St. Petersburg’s parks, creating the ultimate place to stroll, bike, dine, drink, shop, swim, and take in a concert and more.

St. Petersburg, which glimmers between the Gulf of Mexico and Tampa Bay, is known for its warm weather and for holding the title of “most consecutive days with sunshine” at 768 days!

Recommended Place to Stay

10. Tobyhanna, Pennsylvania

The Pocono Mountains are an outdoor enthusiasts’ dream!
The City’s mountain range spans nearly 2,500 square miles and encompasses forests, valleys, rivers, and more. There’s so much to explore during your next trip to the Poconos. Experience what outdoor adventure this area has to offer with a visit to Tobyhanna State Park! This 5,440-acre park boasts hiking, swimming, fishing, and more.

Recommended Place to Stay 

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