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How to attract your vacation home to more business travelers and remote workers?

Business travel is in the middle of its latest chapter. While traditional business travel—to attend a meeting or conference, for example—continues to slowly inch toward pre-pandemic levels, a new kind of business travel is seeing a growth spurt.

Remote work is the setup for employees who may work from their homes – even on vacation.

However, despite the steep increase of remote workers, not everyone has the space or privacy available in their home to do so successfully. And, after having to work from the kitchen table over the past 12 months, many remote workers will be longing for a change of scenery – so your property could be the solution.

We will share some top tips for property management in a post-COVID-19 era.

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How to Attract Business Travelers to your Vacation Rental?

1. Provide Amenities they are searching for:

While leisure guests are apt to search for hot tubs, pools, and easy access to attractions, business travelers have different priorities. Some of their top requirements and amenities in a vacation rental include:

  • High-speed WiFi so they can work, email, take video meetings, and stay in touch with their office. 
  • An ergonomic desk and office chair, preferably in a quiet area of the property, with a nice view and plenty of bright lighting.
  • A coffee maker and tea kettle to start the workday with a caffeine perk. 
  • Smart TV or streaming device (such as Roku or Amazon Fire TV Stick) so they can watch their favorite shows on the road.
  • An HDMI cable so workers can connect their laptops to your TV.
  • A washer and dryer to keep their work attire fresh and presentable.
  • Full-length mirror and hair dryer to prep for meetings or video calls.
  • Plenty of quality hangers and iron/ironing boards to keep suits and blazers wrinkle-free.
  • Keyless entry or a smart lock so they can come and go seamlessly. 
  • Free dedicated parking.

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2. Provide Multiple Workspaces

While most remote workers are used to working in spaces around the home, makeshift desks can get tiresome. Therefore, to attract more bookings to your vacation rental, it is crucial to offer multiple working spaces. Ideally, at least one of these spaces should be private so guests can do virtual meetings without interruptions.

In some cases, there may be more than one guest working remotely. So, creating multiple working spaces with adequate desk spaces, adjustable chairs, and plenty of natural light also need to consider.

Multiple workspaces are alluring to remote workers and families because these can also help increase productivity.

3. Improve Your Home Décor

While it is not necessary to completely overhaul your home interior, just putting a bit of extra thought into the décor and furniture, you could increase your number of bookings without spending too much.

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The addition of plants can help brighten any space, for instance, while a vintage couch in the living room makes for a beautiful statement piece.

Making small changes to your home interior won’t just make the space more attractive to potential renters, it will also help make your guests’ stay more comfortable.

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4. Write your listing with business travelers in mind

When creating a persuasive vacation rental listing, think about what business travelers and remote workers will want during their stay. We suggest mentioning:

  • The items that will make the workday easier: are a desk, office space, strong WiFi, a kitchen, and free dedicated parking.
  • Provide proximity to a nearby business or downtown districts, city centers, convention centers, or company headquarters.
  • An honest assessment of the area is quiet and perfect for video meetings.
  • If it’s easy to catch a Lyft or Uber from the property.

Plus, don’t forget to tailor some image choices to entice business travelers. Besides photos of your view, bedrooms, and kitchen, include images of the workspaces travelers can use in your home.

5. Marketing to Business travelers

The vacation rental marketing rule of thumb is the more visibility you can bring to your property, the more bookings you’ll get. So, beef up the exposure to your vacation rental—especially for people traveling for business or remote workers. Some marketing tactics to try:

  • Stay on top of local business events such as exhibitions and trade shows. Then, market your property as a business travel rental leading up to the event. Include the distance from your home (listing) to the event venue in your vacation rental listing.
  • Share 5-star guest reviews from previous business guests on your social media channels.
  • Post photos of fun work-from-home settings at your property—such as a pool lounge chair or outdoor deck—on social media channels.
  • Create a blog and write frequent content targeting business travelers. Sample topics like – How to stay productive while traveling and Ten essentials every business traveler should pack.
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Final Thoughts

Create an attractive and welcoming space where remote workers can live, work, and relax.

By making the right changes, you will not only potentially bring in more bookings and revenue but also create a space that provides a much-needed getaway for remote workers during these challenging times. Use this article to stock your home with remote workers’ must-haves and market it to them throughout the year.

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